Ryan Stonebraker

Software Developer


I created this simple web platform the first semester of my second year at the University of Alaska Fairbanks for the Cyber Security Club. It was used as a web-based application in a practice competition in preparation for the National Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition.

While this website is rudimentary and lacking in many ways, it was the first time I had ever used PHP, NodeJS, or MongoDB. Through this project, I was able to better understand all three of these technologies to a degree in which I was able to later go on and use them in much more sophisticated applications.

The inspiration for this project came from when I started to take a split grad/undergraduate section Cyber Security course. In this course, the instructor touched on numerous vulnerabilities in web-based applications. Wanting to delve further into these vulnerabilities, I created this website to be a platform where I could add in insecure features as I found or learned about them. Due to time limitations however, I only managed to add a few such as an insecure log in page and static-file content management system vulnerabilities.