Ryan Stonebraker

Software Developer


My name is Ryan Stonebraker and I am a BS/MS student in Computer Science from Anchorage, Alaska attending the University of Alaska Fairbanks. I have been involved to some degree in the field of Computer Science since I was seven years old and as such, Computer Science has been a life long passion of mine. I hope to use this site as a way to communicate things I am working on beyond the scope of Github and to document my progression as a developer.

In addition to this, I hope that this website can act as a sort of live resume. At the top, you can find links to my LinkedIn, Github, and Bitbucket accounts. I am a big Github user and as such, most of my work is available on my Github account (although currently over half of it is private, hence the need for this website). I created a Bitbucket account mainly to explore other git based version control platforms, but ended up using it for my most recent internship. Due to this, the page looks empty, but I have actually been a top contributing member for around 5 rather large repositories dealing with web development and Factom blockchain related projects under the bitbucket organization for Canonical Ledgers, LLC

As mentioned previously, I am extremely passionate about Computer Science. It isn't just work for me, it is a hobby, it is a leisure activity, and it really is a way of life. Very few days have past in the last few years where I haven't touched code, yet the more I code, the more I find myself learning and enjoying it.

Feel free to contact me for anything. I am open to consulting on projects, job opportunities, and general answering of questions.