Ryan Stonebraker

Software Developer


For a school project, I was tasked with pair programming a simple battleship game to go over agile project management. My roommate and I decided to put in extra work however and instead built a full fledged battleship game in virtual reality using SteamVR, Unity, and C#.

In order to make things even more interesting, we decided we wanted to approach this project hackathon style. We sat down one weekend and coded the base platform for the game in a roughly 16 hour straight sprint. At this point, we had enough that we could have turned in, but we wanted to do this project right so we instead spent the time thoroughly going back and refactoring the code, cleaning up bugs, and adding more features. 

After this project was completed, we were asked to represent the UAF computer science department at the 2018 Engineering Open House event where we demonstrated Derelict hands on to local youth in order to encourage them to get involved in STEM fields. The showing was well received and we decided to release Derelict as an open sourced project on Github.