Ryan Stonebraker

Software Developer

Raspberry Kicker Bot

The Raspberry Kicker Bot is a 3d printed robot + software platform meant to assist in rapid autonomous path planning algorithm testing and development.

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For a school project, I was tasked with pair programming a simple battleship game to go over agile project management. My roommate and I decided to put in extra work however and instead built a full fledged battleship game in Virtual Reality using SteamVR, Unity, and C#.

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IOT Piano

This IOT piano was developed as part of an open-ended group project for an Electrical Engineering class I took for fun. The piano is powered by a basic Arduino board and uses solenoids to hit glasses full of varying levels of colored water. 

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This project was developed as part of an open ended "low-level related" project for my Assembly Programming class my second year in college. The idea for the project is to use natural language processing to understand unstructured English language and convert whatever task was asked down to x86 Assembly. 

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It started out as a joke, but turned into an opportunity for me to better learn web design and development. From this project, which served as a simple (intentionally vulnerable) web platform for a Cyber Security Club practice competition, I learned basic PHP, NodeJS, MongoDB, and how to use cookies. 

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The Physics Of Ninjas

One of my first relatively large coding projects coming in at around 1000 lines of code. From this project, I learned JavaScript, Web Development, how to work with HTML5 Canvas elements, and improved my graphic design abilities. Although it looks rough when looking back on it, everything in this project was fully created from scratch and the completion of this project proved to be one of my proudest moments as an inexperienced developer.

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